This is one of Facebook's BIGGEST updates

This is one of Facebook's BIGGEST updates

Soon your Facebook profile pic will be more than just a photo!

Facebook is changing

Facebook announced a new feature that will affect your profile picture.

With Twitter's new video auto-play and Snapchat's new animated selfie lens, Facebook probably felt the pressure and decided to up their game.

There are five major changes you need to know before.

1. Your profile picture can become a 7-second video loop

It will become kind of like a GIF. The video will auto-play on loop on your profile and fee. 

A still cover image you select will appear everywhere else. 

2. You can have temporary profile pic:

You can select to have your picture automatically change back after a day, a week or an hour! Very useful when promoting a cause!

3. A brand new 100 character 'bio' field in the 'About'

4. Centered profile pic and big sections pictures and friends.

This is probably done to refresh the look and feel of Facebook

5. The ability to pin featured photos to the top of your profile. 

Now you get the opportunity to highlight the awesome weekend you had with friends for the whole week! Facebook says this is designed to let you give people. Considering your friend request or who just met you a better idea of who you are. 

These features have reportedly been rolled out already to some users. 

Facebook’s project manager said it’s all designed to highlight “what’s going on in their life, what’s important to them now in more expressive ways.”

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