No date for your family event or Valentine's Day? No worries, you can rent one!

No date for your family event or Valentine's Day? No worries, you can rent one!

This TikToker basically started a Rent-A -Date!


Family tend to put some pressure on you as you get older in terms of when you are bringing a potential 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' around. 

This TikToker, Wayne Chia (21), saw this as a chance to aid people who dread going through the same interrogative questions but also as a chance for him to make money! 

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He shared on his TikTok account that he would drive you around, play mahjong with your relatives, and peel shrimp for you so your hands won't get dirty. 

That's not all, he'll also pretend to be your boyfriend! 

All this for the rate R575 a day... 

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He created this meme with the Chinese New Year specifically in mind. 

The Chinese New Year is an annual 15-day celebration that kicks off this year on February 1 and is celebrated according to the lunar calendar by China and the Chinese diaspora.

Have a look at the things the gentleman has to offer as a date: 

@_wayneee_ im srs #fyp #tiktoksg #cny ♬ Polaroid Love - ENHYPEN

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The freelance photographer shared that he had already received dozens of takers. 

"After I posted the video, I woke up to all these people messaging me to say they were interested and whether I was available. Some said they were not in town this year and [asked] if I could save the date for them next Chinese New Year," he said. (Insider

Although the single young man shared that he didn't take any of the offers, he's delighted that people got to laugh a little and have some fun about the pressures from family. 

Definitely a cool idea, clearly there's a market for this...

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