New viral sensation: "Damn Daniel"

New viral sensation: "Damn Daniel"

There's a new viral sensation hitting the internet. His name is Damn Daniel.

New viral sensation: "Damn Daniel"

Well, his actual name is Daniel Lara, and recently a video of him has gone viral for a pretty funny reason.

The video, posted by Twitter user @joshholzz, is a montage of Snapchat videos of Daniel in different outfits.

It's not just the content that made this go viral, but rather the hilarious commentary, where someone repeats, "Dammmmnnn Daniel" over and over, with the occasional, "back at it again in those white vans."

You have to see it to truly understand...

Yes, we know it's  completely very silly if utterly ridiculous. But hey, we're on the Internet, okay? Allow us.

There are reaction tweets and videos that are equally as hilarious.

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