New film school by the Fergusons gets aspiring filmmakers excited

New film school by the Fergusons gets aspiring filmmakers excited

Shona Ferguson and Connie Ferguson own Ferguson Films which produces most of SA's local dramas.

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If you have not yet acknowledged the importance of the arts industry, then you might just be a little stubborn. When the harsh lockdown level 5 happened last year, where did we all turn to? Film and series, among other activities. At least this family production, Ferguson Films is largely aware of this significance. 

Yes, they are aware and have taken a huge step in investing in the country's film industry and its talent. When SA actor, director and producer Shona Ferguson shared his family production company, Ferguson Films, was opening a film school, aspiring filmmakers celebrated the possibilities of their dreams coming true with such an establishment by the country's top tier actors.  

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The announcement of the film school was made via Twitter on Thursday 1 July. 

This tweet currently sits with almost 2 000 retweets and hundreds of replies. Most read "This is amazing" or "Can't wait to be part of this" and are celebrations of space made in the SA entertainment industry for new talent. 

Ferguson Films is owned by Shona and his wife Connie. Both are veteran actors and the brains behind several hit productions, including RockvilleThe Queen and The Throne and Netflix series; Kings of Joburg. iGazi, The Gift and The Imposter are other drama series they have produced. 

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Earlier in the week, the actor shared his journey in the entertainment industry and how difficult it had been. He opened up about other directors and actors commenting on his 'inadequacy' as an actor back when he started in the industry. 

Fortunately he was able to forge a way of his own and let his passion burn and his light shine regardless of these comments because he and his wife currently do so much for the country's entertainment industry. 

He shared: 

His perseverance has definitely led to this moment. An education at an arts school allows an artist to hone their skills and tap into their passion with the right coaches and with much more confidence in their abilities. 

Keep an eye on Ferguson Films' social media pages or entertainment news for updates on the Ferguson Film School. 

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