Natarah’s glowing in her maternity pics!

Natarah’s glowing in her maternity pics!

Natarah Nadesan is only few weeks away from holding her baby girl in her arms. The mum-to-be has kindly shared some of her favourite pics from her maternity shoots with us…


Natarah maternity shoot
If you’re looking for an example of ‘that pregnancy glow’ look no further than this.

Our East Coast Breakfast presenter, Natarah Nadesan has been one radiant mother-to-be throughout her pregnancy. Nats says it’s been a fairly easy journey.


“The best part,” she says, “is that my acne disappeared! I’m hoping it stays away for good.” Natarah’s opened her personal album to us and here are some of the gorgeous photos from her two maternity shoots.

She says with Sam Swiatek Photography she and hubby were adorned in her favourite colour; yellow. Her stunning maternity dress was made by Carita Adams of Cherish. The shoot was done in Hillcrest.

Nats yellow 1 pic
Nats Yellow 2
Nats Yellow 3
Nats yellow 4

Natarah also wanted something playful and fun and her cousin Nolan Nadesan from Mikhail Alexander Photography gave her just that. They shot these images in Umhlanga.

Pink 1
Pink 2
Pink 3
Pink 4
Pink 5

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