Mzansi responds to the shocking clip of a woman destroying her lover’s car

Mzansi responds to the shocking clip of a woman destroying her lover’s car

The clip has become a talking point on social media – and Mzansi, as usual, had some hilarious things to say.

woman destroying car

Relationships are hard. When they’re good, they’re good – but they often take a really ugly turn and, sometimes, emotions are pushed to boiling point. In fact, heartbreak can push one to do some crazy things and this is exactly what happened to one South African woman.

In a shocking clip, a woman is seen breaking what appears to be her boyfriend's car after a rumoured romance went south.

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In the clip, which has been shared by parody account @Advobarryroux, the woman is seen using only her hands to rip off the car's entire front bumper. While this is happening, the man who is rumoured to be her ex-boyfriend, stands close by watching her dismantle his car.

The windscreen of the car also appears to be smashed.

Naturally, the video has caused some buzz on social media and Mzansi had a thing or two to say about the incident. While many joked about the situation, others criticised the woman’s behaviour and a conversation opened up about how society lets women get away with shocking behaviour. 

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"Clearly, this relationship was about the car. If it was about feelings it wouldn't be on the car. She clearly doesn't care about hurting the guy but the car she believes he will use to get another girl,” one user commented. Another added: "He's dating a panel beater.”

A third user said that if the man was ripping the car apart, the reaction would be entirely different and sparked a conversation about what is acceptable behaviour. "Would this have been as funny if a guy was doing it. Angilwi ! Would y’all be commenting this way," the user commented.

Image courtesy: Twitter

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