East Coast Breakfast's Natarah Nadesan's miracle pregnancy

East Coast Breakfast's Natarah Nadesan's miracle pregnancy

It's official. Natarah Nadesan has a bun in the oven! Hooray!

Mum's the word for East Coast Breakfast's Natarah Nadesan!
She announced the exciting news on East Coast Breakfast this morning saying she's about five months into her pregnancy.

The glowing mum-to-be is overjoyed. She says she and hubby have been wanting to have a baby for a long time and they are over the moon.

Darren and Sky were equally excited with both already planning how they're going to fit into the family picture.

Darren says, "I'm good with choosing baby names so I think I'll help Nats with that."

He says, "I still can't believe it, it's like she just got married the other day!"

Sky says, "I was completely shocked when she told us. The announcement really caught me by surprise. Nats is usually the first person I see when I get to work in the morning and after all these months I didn’t notice a thing!"

"I'll offer my coaching services for free," he added.

As much as it's a happy time for Natarah and her family, her journey hasn't been an easy one. If you missed the big announcement this morning, here it is:

After that awkward silence, Natarah bravely told about her miracle pregnancy on air. Here's how this emotional moment went down:

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