The phenomenon of Mr Price on Twitter

The phenomenon of Mr Price on Twitter

Not a day passes on Twitter without a "Thank you, Mr Price", which is usually because they made something that cost a fortune somewhere, affordable. 

Mr Price

Search "Mr Price vs" on Twitter and you won't be able to stop yourself scrolling;  you will come across all the unattainable, expensive products put up against a similar affordable version at Mr Price. People are always excited whenever it releases a clothing item because it will be 'perfectly' priced, according to the store. 

Mr Price has always been a household name and the longevity of their relevance in the clothing industry is commendable. It has been a trusted brand for families, especially teenagers and young adults. This appreciation continues on an elevated level these days, thanks to social media. 

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They are receiving love from people for the similar products that may be more expensive with other brands, but quite reasonable with Mr Price. 

Have a look at the different items that excite a lot of people: 

This Christian Dior bag costs about R50,000, which I'm sure we can all agree is quite a price for a hand bag... 

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Need we say anything more after this large difference in price?

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Someone described why these stores have similar items, but Mr Price always has an affordable option...

Another Twitter user further explained: 

The similarities are endless and the above Twitter users may have just explained as to why Mr Price will usually have a lower price for something you saw at another store. 

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This is not a Mr Price promotion blog but rather a look into why it does not go a week without a mention. Luckily, we also learned information which may or may not be true in terms of the fashion buyers, which is quite informative and makes sense when looking at the parallels. 

We are going to throw in a few more pictures for you: 

Next time you see a clothing item that costs a fortune, visit Twitter. You might just get some help with a more affordable version of the item if you're not able to save or wait that long for your desired item.

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