Mouth Tennis : Carvin Goldstone vs Darren Maule

Mouth Tennis : Carvin Goldstone vs Darren Maule

It’s a serious Wimbledon game of mouth tennis between Carvin Goldstone and Darren Maule. No, it does not involve kissing. Who took the win? 

Mouth Tennis

Carvin Goldstone will be celebrating 10 years in the comedic industry with his national tour starting at the Durban Jewish Club on 14 July, then heading down to the Wild Coast Sun on July 15. 

Of course, Darren could never have another comedian on his turf, so he challenged Carvin to a game of 'Mouth Tennis'. 

The game started with an intense chest-to-chest stare down between the comedians and it sure guaranteed a good game of bouncing words. 

Who won the vicious, intense, and mouth-straining game? 

Take a look: 

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