Monster python spotted slithering in South African pond

Monster python spotted slithering in South African pond

This massive python sighting has gone viral!

Pond that has been censored
Pond that has been censored/ canva

One can spot many things in a pond... some koi fish, lilies, even a frog at times, but the last thing you expect is a gargantuan snake! 

A frightening encounter of a snake in a pond has gone viral on social media. A giant python was found "chilling underwater" somewhere in South Africa.

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Watch this captivating video that has circulated our news feeds: 

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Yes, you saw that right. A python has been seen taking a dip. Maybe it was the heat or possibly it was trying to catch some prey? While these questions remain unanswered, here's what the rest of SA has to say:

  • "My people would be talking to it calling it their ancestor right now." 
  • "Pythons are normally someone's pet so that's a pet...or it would have reacted by now"
  • 'Eeerh....RUN"

This begs the question, can snakes swim?

According to Reuters, "all snakes can swim, and most swim below the water, or partially submerged." 

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Take a look at another snake going for a dip and swimming underwater:


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