Meet the top 5 highest paid influencers on the African continent

Meet the top 5 highest paid influencers on the African continent

We all know that an influencer's social media posts are not just for documenting thoughts and memories but also for making that cash money.

Davido Influencer

Africa has been slept on for too long.

But no longer.

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We all know that influencers have basically become the new celebrities.

They've been taking over our social media timelines, although many have expanded their brands to include so much more.

Make-up lines, clothing brands, collaborating with huge cooperations, popping up on our television screens, you name it, they're doing it!

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They have the world in their hands and are truly doing what they were born to do - influencing the masses.

That's why it comes as no surprise that they are able to charge these huge amounts for a simple Instagram post or story shoutout.

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They have to get that bag!

Now meet Africa's highest-paid influencers:

5.  @funkejenifaakindele (Funke Akindele Bello)

Followers: 12.5million

Cost per post: R901,811.75 ($59,500)

The Nigerian actress rose to superstardom after she appeared in the sitcom 'I Need to Know' from 1998 to 2002.

In 2009 she also won the award for the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Being a household name has only helped boost her online following and that's why she can easily claim this top-five spot.

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4.  @yemialade (Yemi Alade)

Followers: 13.1million

Cost per post: R912,421.30

Alade is a Nigerian Afropop singer/songwriter, actress, and activist who has six whole albums under her (very stylish) belt.

One thing to note however is that she doesn't have one feature on Beyoncé’s album 'The Lion King: The Gift' but TWO!

She lent her incredible vocals to the tracks 'My Power' and 'Don't Jealous Me'.

When you take a look at her IG account it's filled to the brim with all things music while she keeps it well balanced by posting a lot of TikTok-style dance videos, glamorous fashion pics, and she even posts videos made by her followers and fans.

With such an engaging account, it's no wonder brands would love to work with her.

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3. @tiwasavage (Tiwa Savage)

Followers: 12.2million

Cost per post: R930,609.10

She has been given the title of 'true queen of Naija pop' and it's clear to see why considering Tiwa is one of Africa's biggest recording artists.

Through her ar,t she has always remained authentic and true to herself while creating chart-topping hits and it's clear to see that the people love her for those exact reasons.

Though she's been in the music industry for over a decade, she is also known to be quite the fashionista and her Instagram is a beautiful depiction of that.

From stunning red carpet looks to the most gorgeous traditional outfits, she is also claiming her spot as a fashion icon. 

But let's not forget those sponsored brand deals, like her most recent one with Twisco.

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2.  - @davidoofficial (Davido Adeleke)

Followers: 19.2million

Cost per post: R13,80757.15

His journey started while studying Business Administration at Oakwood University but he made the brave choice to drop out and focus on recording vocals, making beats, and creating amazing music.

Which he has very successfully done.

Some of his brand deals include Pepsi, Guinness, and even Pampers!

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And finally, the number one spot goes to...

1. @mosalah (Mohamed Salah)

Followers: 41.6million

Cost per post: R2,728,170

Taking the continent's top spot is Egyptian footballer, Mohamed Salah, which doesn't come as such a shock seeing as footballers' salary is excessive, to say the least.

He also is a forward for Liverpool and the sports star has worked with the likes of Uber, Vodafone, and Falken Tires (all of whom need to pay this price in order to get an Ista shoutout.

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As you can see, the line between celebrity and influencer has become faded but a brand deal is a brand deal and these stars are raking in the cash money.

Just one thing: anyone else in complete shock after reading those numbers?

So are we.

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But we also couldn't be more proud of African brothers and sisters how are killing it, representing the continent and showing that Africa can do it just as well (if not better) than any other influencer from across the pond.

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