Mariah Carey's Christmas movie a miss?

Mariah Carey's Christmas movie a miss?

We were never really sure about the songstress's movie career, but this teaser sure makes us doubt her talents even further.

mariah carey christmas movie

Mariah Carey will be appearing in A Christmas Melody, a new Hallmark Channel Christmas movie that's set to come out on TV right before the holiday, and it looks… interesting.

Carey, who directed the project, plays Melissa, a nasty queen bee figure who is the head of the parent-teacher association, while Chabert is Kristin, a down-on-her-luck divorcee.

The Hero singer is also filmed with a dusky romantic filter while Chabert, who starred as Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls, gets no such treatment.

If the short clip is any indication, Carey's acting and the script for A Christmas Melody will be questionable.

Here's the short teaser: 

Maybe we should wait for the movie to be released, it might just turn out to be great...or maybe not.

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