Mariah Carey called out for Photoshop fail!

Mariah Carey called out for Photoshop fail!

You can never fool social media followers!

As the festive season approaches, celebrities have taken over social media with pictures preparing for their Christmas holidays, but Mariah Carey took it a step too far! 

She posted an image of herself holding a pie in a very, very low-cut top, skinny jeans, heels, and sunglasses inside, with the perfectly Mimi caption, "#festivating !! #happythanksgiving."

While we were still gushing over her perfect body, commenters noticed something strange in her picture...

#festivating !! #happythanksgiving ­čśś

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

One person said, "Omlllll her body is sooooo perfect its [sic] bending cabinets and mirrors." The mirror by her shoulder does look a bit distorted, as does the cabinet by her left knee."

Mariah didn't seem to care though as she did not comment back or delete the photo. Looks like the diva is in a good space despite her recent broken engagement from billionaire boyfriend.

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