Make life easier with these life hacks

Make life easier with these life hacks

How old were you when you discovered your favourite life hack? You know, the one thing that you wish you had known sooner because it has made your life that much easier.

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Life hacks are clever tricks, DIY projects or skills that will increase productivity and save you time - for example, if you don't know how many days there are in a month, just get your hands out and form fists with them. Think of your knuckles as months; the bumps are months with 31 days and the spaces/grooves are the months with 30 days (February with its 28/29 days included). Got it? Easy!

Now, of course, some of us learned this trick in primary school, but for others, this is an "Aha!" moment and an easy way to remember which month just refuses to end!

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We've compiled a list of a few more life hacks below:

1. Having trouble filling up a bucket that does not fit in the sink? Use a dustpan to help fill it up.

Dust pan water
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2. If you're having half an avocado and want to keep the other half for future consumption, but you're worried that it will turn brown, just put it in a container with an inch or two of water. This will keep it moist and fresh.

3. This is a cool way of closing your bag of chips once you feel you've had enough:

4. Find small, lost items using a vacuum cleaner. Cover the end of the vacuum cleaner with a stocking or pantyhose, switch your vacuum cleaner on and start searching.

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5. Sprinkle salt on ice in the cooler box so that it stays frozen for longer.

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