Listen: Hixonia Nyasulu talks networking in the first edition of 'Boardroom 101'

Listen: Hixonia Nyasulu talks networking in the first edition of 'Boardroom 101'

Hixonia Nyasulu will be joining us every week to share her 'Boardroom 101' tips that she's gathered throughout her many years of experience. This week is all about networking.

Hixonia Nyasulu

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Networking is one of the most commonly used words in the English language as far as business is concerned.

People attend cocktail parties, conferences, and even weddings just to network. They hand out business cards at these functions and believe that they've networked. 

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But unless a real connection is made, this will not lead to any business. 

That's why we brought in Hixonia Nyasulu to shed some light into this term in the first edition of 'Boardroom 101' - a new feature which sees this highly influential woman sharing some of her insider tips to help you conquer business and the boardroom. 

Her bio describes her as: "One of the most influential women in business in South Africa, Hixonia is rapidly developing an international reputation as a board member with integrity and drive. A former Unilever employee, she has also founded three highly successful companies. Hixonia is the Chairman of Ayavuna Women’s Investments (Pty) Ltd, a women-controlled investment vehicle."

“It’s not just what we know in life that matters, it is very much about whom we know and the quality of these relationships. The more people we have access to, the better our business opportunities,” says expert and coach Dr Renate Volpe.

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