Darren Maule finally has 'the talk' with his daughter

Darren Maule finally has 'the talk' with his daughter

There was no more dodging this one! It was time to have the 'birds and the bees' talk with the mouse for Darren.

Darren -  Birds and bees
Lisanne Lazarus

Listen to Darren Maule finally having 'the talk' with his daughter or read the details under the podcast.

Little Miss Maule is turning 10 soon and Darren realised that he hasn't had the talk about sex with her yet. But he needed some help and advice, so, of course, he asked the East Coast first.

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This didn't escape the ears of mouse though. She heard everything on her way to school and asked very politely to have 'the talk' with her daddy. 

A big shout out to Christy Herselman for gifting the book 'The Chat... Birds, Bees and Destinies' to Darren.

So, KZN, Darren had 'the talk', and it was probably the most adorable thing we've heard in a while.

Do you think 10-years-old is too young to have 'the talk'? What are your thoughts?

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