"My first gig clean and sober felt like I was starting again" - Darren Maule

"My first gig clean and sober felt like I was starting again" - Darren Maule

It's been a long journey, but the decision to stay clean has never been looked back on. Darren Maule has made tremendous progress since choosing the sober life seven years ago.

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In the seven years since Darren decided to stop consuming drugs and alcohol, things have gone from good to great. It's been a long road, but the recovery process to where he is today was all worth it.

"It's hard because every aspect of my life previously involved alcohol, socialising, recovering to do a voice-over, pickups before gigs and events. I was trying to do all of that completely exposed to the things around me," says Darren.

Not only did he have to decide to clean up his life, but also to find out who the real Darren Maule is.

"I do keep alcohol around the house for entertaining, but I have no inclination to consume it. I'm not threatened by it, or anyone else around me who has it," adds Darren. 

The recovery from alcohol and substance abuse is not an easy road. Many fall off the wagon and lose track along the way. One of the most recent ordeals of substance abuse involves singer Demi Lavato. She made headlines last month when she survived a potentially deadly experience.

On this day, Darren hopes all substance abusers can make the decision to change their lives, just as he did.

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If you know of someone in need of help, visit Alcoholics Anonymous or call 0861 435 722. 

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