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LISTEN: Are we ready for stage 10 loadshedding?

Is stage 10 loadshedding going to happen?

Can we handle any more load shedding in KZN.
The state of eThekwini will be under serious threat with load shedding going into stage 10 levels. Image: Pexels/ Magda Ehlers

eThekwini's Electricity Unit says it has been discussing the status of Durban's loadshedding schedule with Eskom.

If you remember, the metro was excluded from stages one to three of the power cuts when it suffered major infrastructure damage in the April 2022 floods.

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The municipality are aware of the speculation that Eskom will be reintroducing the full loadshedding schedule for Durban residents in June.

According to the ECR News Watch report, the municipality has indeed confirmed that it will revert back to imposing normal stages of loadshedding from 25 May.

Darren Maule and Sky Tshabalala had to investigate the matter further by calling Maxwell Mthembu, who is the Head of the Electricity Unit of eThekwini Municipality

eThekwini Municipality has launched an investigation following claims that the City forked out R579m for a two-year contract to fix and maintain street lights across the metro.
Mujahid Safodien and Neo Ntsoma

The city is still battling with the damage from the floods and those substations can't be switched off.

A newly revised loadshedding schedule is being finalised and will be sent out soon. 

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Maxwell answered the questions set out by the Breakfast team, but it's when he said that Durban can expect stage 10 levels of loadshedding that the shock set in.

eThekwini is currently on stage 4 up until 16:00 on Wednesday, before moving to stage 6. 

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Main image attribution: Pexels/ Magda Ehlers

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