#LifeHacksByKeri: Eeeuuw... my shower head is filthy

#LifeHacksByKeri: Eeeuuw... my shower head is filthy

Here is a cleaning life hack that will change your life. Is your shower head needing a shower? Cleaning your shower head will make a huge difference to the water output, as the removal of the gunk will allow for a better flow.

Shower head

Plus… it’s a breeding ground for bacteria which then sprays all over us while we shower.

*No man sies*

You will need:

  1. White wine vinegar (you can definitely add some bicarb if you have) 
  2. A plastic bag

How it's done:

  1. Fill the bag with about two cups of vinegar (maybe you need less… but to make 100% sure the entire shower head will be covered, I go for more)
  2. If you have bicarb, add a decent amount of bicarb to the mixture (about ½ a cup)
  3. Tie the plastic bag around the shower head with an elastic band (or just make a knot in the plastic) and leave overnight to soak. 
  4. Remove the bag in the morning and run the shower for a little bit to rinse. Give it a wipe

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Shower head in plastic

Now that you have a nice clean shower head, up your shower game by tying some fresh eucalyptus or lavender to your shower head. The steam with help release the gorgeous fragrance and make you feel like you’re at a home spa. 

Shower spa

Well, here you have it! A clean shower that's as good as a spa!

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