Got a leap year birthday? Here's when to celebrate!

Got a leap year birthday? Here's when to celebrate!

Confused? Let us give you the rundown on leap year birthdays...

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A fascinating and hilarious idea for some, a sad day for those who have to bear it. A leap year birthday strolls around once every four years, this means that some people only celebrate on their actual birthday 75% less than most. 

The question on everyone’s mind is, when do you celebrate a birthday if you’re born on a leap year? 

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While some leap year babies see it as a curse, other's think of it as eternal youth. Each birthday is even more special.

Here's when to celebrate:

If you are born before 12pm on the 29th February, you take the 28th as your birthday on "normal" years. If you are born after 12pm, the 1st March is your day. 

You are not alone. There are about five-million people worldwide who share the leap birthday out of about eight-billion people on the planet, as per AP report.

TUNE IN to East Coast Breakfast from 6-9am as we celebrate and work out the finer details of this matter and celebrate some leap year kids. 


In the grand scheme of things, this might not be that deep, but as long as cake, family, and friends are involved, it’s a winner. 

Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest at East Coast Radio. 

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