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Lady Du catches heat for helping viral nappy shoplifter

Can an act of criminality ever be justified?

The musician happened to be in the store at the time and decided to intervene.
Image: Facebook / Lady Du

Lady Du is currently the talk of social media. 

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According to Briefly, the talented musician has been under fire for supporting a woman who was seen stealing nappies at a retail store. 

The video clip was apparently taken by the retail staff. It is said that the woman, painted as desperate, was seen taking out nappies hidden under her clothes after she was caught.

This has drawn a lot of attention on social media as Lady Du has been one of the few to come out publicly to help the woman obtain nappies and other essentials in the aftermath.

The situation has come to the attention of the Breakfast team. Darren, Carmen, and Sky have their own views on the situation. Here's what both Carmen and Sky had to say about this:

Carmen made the point that the lady in the video did what she had to do for the sake of her kids. 

Darren echoed the same sentiments Carmen made: "Guys, we're not saying what she did was okay, but as a parent, I do have to sympathise, the struggle and effort you need to take in order to provide for your kids is real." 

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Sky had other thoughts on this story. "I get that you need to do what you gotta do for your child, but the law is the law and she needs to be punished for that. So no, I don't support this," says Sky.

As the debate intensified on-air, the Breakfast team decided to ask the listeners their opinion. 

Was a suspected criminal rewarded for committing a crime, or is the crime justified because she stole to provide for her kids?

Here is what the listeners had to say about this:

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Main image attribution: Facebook/ Screenshot / Lady Du

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