Kolisi Foundation helps teen left paralysed due to gang violence

Kolisi Foundation helps teen left paralysed due to gang violence

Life just got a little easier for the 17-year-old, thanks to the Kolisis.

Siya & Rachel Kolisi

The touching story of Bryan Diamond, who was struck by a stray bullet at the age of three, reached the hearts of Springbok captain Siya Kolisi and his wife Rachel.

The 17-year-old's life, from Heinz Park in Cape Town, took a turn for the worst when he was shot in the head; leaving him brain damaged and his body paralysed during a gang war which also saw his mother getting shot.

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For 14 years, Bryan's mother has been taking care of him by making sure he is fed every two hours through a tube and gets assistance with his wheelchair.

When the big-hearted rugby star and his wife heard Bryan's story, they paid him a visit in June for Siya's birthday - donating Ensure milk, nappies and a shopping voucher. This was when the Kolisi Foundation also partnered with NPO Shonaquip for a customised buggy and seating to the value of R40 000.

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A Backabuddy campaign has also been launched to raise R51 000 to cover the cost of a side-lyer and car positioner that will support Bryan’s body and allow the family to travel more freely.

Watch Bryan's story in a video shared by the foundation.

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