The Kiffness shaming Woolworths mannequins a ploy?

The Kiffness shaming Woolworths mannequins a ploy?

It's been a while since we've heard from The Kiffness, and they  just called out Woolworths on their skinny mannequins. Could it be a media ploy? 

Kiffeness Call out Woolworths

 I am not a fan of moaning for the sake of moaning. However, I think The Kiffness have a point.

These mannequins are just not realistic. Unless you pay per gram of plastic when moulding mannequins, I can't understand why there wouldn't be a mould that is more representative of our women?

I am proud to say that most the women I know don't measure body image by the size of any shop's mannequin, but I do wonder this: if Woolies has clothes to fit those PETITE mannequins, who else does that clothing fit?

Really, though? I'm not getting an arm in that jean leg.

On the other hand, could this be a ploy?

When was the last time you heard the name 'The Kiffness'? Could this be a gentle guerrilla marketing tactic to have every media outlet talking Woolies and the band?

Perhaps now would be a great time for them to drop a new album? You know what they say... no publicity is bad publicity.

Well, Woolworths responded saying:

Props to @woolworths_sa for taking action on the mannequin debacle. We look forward to hearing your response!

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