Keri's Wellness Wednesday: 'Beat the heat' smoothies

Keri's Wellness Wednesday: 'Beat the heat' smoothies

It has been SWELTERING lately and Keri Miller has the perfect summer smoothies to cool off the heat!

If you're like me and can’t stand the thought of having to stand in a hot kitchen cooking, but need to fill your tummy, here is a delicious and cooling alternative.
Juicing is very popular, but it does remove the pulp and fibre, so smoothies are a great way to get in the deliciousness of your favourite fruits and keep the great fibre.

Banging Banana with a choc-nut twist
What you will need:
1.5 frozen bananas (peel and cut bananas before freezing)
1 x Heaped teaspoon raw cacao/carob (add more at the end if you want more)
+/- 12 nuts (dry fried makes them delish – to dry fry just put on a pan without oil until toasted)
½ cup milk/milk alternative
what to do?
Add bananas, nuts, milk and cacao to the blender. Add ice and blend. Enjoy cold!
Miller’s Mango-Mint
What you will need:
1 x mango cut (frozen if possible)
1 x pinch mint (more mint makes it mintier… obviously)
Sprinkle cinnamon
Add coconut water for that extra tropical zing.
Add ice and blend.
Tip: to make it extra creamy and add some deliciousness, add ¼ avo.
Peanut-butter and honey deliciousness
What you will need:
1.5 frozen bananas
1 x tablespoon peanut butter (try no added salt and sugar variety)
teaspoon honey (add as much or a little as you feel you need)
add ice and blend
Tip: Try adding vanilla extract to your smoothies to give a delicious Miller-vanilla undertone.


Keri’s Blender Tip:
When it comes to buying a blender, make sure you get one that has a motor strong enough to crush ice. Remember: you buy cheap, you buy twice.

The Nutribullet has a great name, but I do find it very pricey. I got myself a 1000w Bennet Read from PnP Hyper for less than half the price of a Nutribullet, and  it is great.

If money it tight, see if any of your friends are keen to pitch in and you each take turns keeping the blender and on those weeks you make a smoothie for everyone. It also means you can buy the fruit in bulk and that also saves cash.

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