Keri's Couch: Getting to know Cindy Norcott

Keri's Couch: Getting to know Cindy Norcott

Meet Cindy Norcott, the founder of The Robinhood Foundation, a businesswoman, and the author of the best-selling business book, 'How to be Unstoppable.'

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Lisanne Lazarus

Take a listen to my interview with Cindy or read the details under the podcast.

When I met Cindy, I was immediately comforted by her energy. It was like I was meeting an old friend. 

Cindy was dressed well but comfortably, just like her personality – she’s well put together, seemingly without trying. 

The more I spoke to her the more I felt connected to her. She is a beautiful example of how you can be down to earth while still being incredibly successful and finding time to change the lives of others.

I feel like I really made a friend.

I asked Cindy to leave a little bit of her with me to share with you so I've got a couple of signed books and CD's for you, unstoppable woman. 

If you would like to get your hands on a book or  a CD drop me a comment below telling me what you do every day to be #UnStoppable.

T's & C's apply.

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