Keri shares how the Full Moon on July 23 will affect you

Keri shares how the full moon on July 23 will affect you

The full moon in Aquarius will require you to let go of what does not work anymore...

Full moon in Aquarius

During a full moon, everyone else in the studio is always careful with what they say to Keri and especially how they say things. Full moons usually amplify your senses and you feel your emotions easily. This full moon in Aquarius won't be any different. 

This full moon will be in conjunction with Pluto, meaning it will absorb its energy of rebirth, change, and transformation. Your desire to dispose of or change things that don't work anymore will be heightened. So, maybe if you usually had your routine after work as: cook, eat, watch something, sleep, you can change it to: cook, eat, prepare for tomorrow's work day, yoga for better. 

This will transform you and intensify your emotions, making interactions with those in power - or your own power, much more intense. 

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The sign of Aquarius likes to do things their own unique way, therefore connecting more deeply with your individuality during this time. Embrace what makes you stand out or be different. Those beautiful things that do not need changing, the things that make you, you, need attention. So do not hide. 

This full moon will also be opposite the sun and with the moon in Aquarius and the sun moving into Leo, you are likely to experience 'aha moments' -  epiphanies and deeper understanding. This also applies to your creative abilities - you will understand them better. 

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Those who will be most affected by this full moon are those born in late Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, as well as those born in early Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. 

Here's a little advice from Keri: Do not explode or unravel during this time. Simply observe, reflect, and listen. Get perspective and practise compassion and mindfulness most of all. 

Breathe. When everything else seems to be overwhelming and triggering - take a deep breath. 

Things to do: 

- Journaling 

- Meditate 

 - Cleanse your mental and physical space 

- Charge your crystals 

- Go back to your to-do list and check some stuff off

- Relax 

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It is going to be quite the full moon because it is powerful, so everyone will be affected in some way. Breathe. 

And Happy Full Moon! 

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