Katy Perry's birthday cake... and a hairy WHAT?!

Katy Perry's birthday cake... and a hairy WHAT?!

You won't believe what Katy Perry got for her Birthday! Let's just say it's hairy, and involves PG 18. Warning: Some of the following images contain graphic content.

Darren Maule's fantasy girlfriend aka Katy Perry celebrated her birthday in the weirdest way, but we expect that from our girl.

But what we did not expect was the hairy gift she got from her friend 'Clee' according to E! Online.

Katy Perry gifted herself with an early vote, dressed in an American Flag outfit and boldly stating she's voting for Hilary Clinton.

The singer, who turned 32-year-old had a rather unusual bacon birthday cake, and a very fuzzy weird birthday gift from  a friend.

Katy perry birthday cake

Perry was given a Goddess Box, which included a "fuzzy vagina." Yes, we're being serious. Yes, there's a photo of it.

Katy Perry Birthday Gift
Katy Perry Birthday Gift 2

We're not sure what it's for exactly.....and we don't want to know.

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