Jules from GoodLuck talks 'The Luck Down' series and 'Rum and Cola'

Jules from GoodLuck talks 'The Luck Down' series and 'Rum and Cola'

Following the success of their Global Citizen #TogetherAtHome livestream in March, GoodLuck have brought fans the first episodes of a new live stream series, dubbed: ‘The Luck Down’.


A band famous for its unique blend of instrumentation with electronic dance music, GoodLuck is inspiring positivity and hope in a time of uncertainty.

'The Luck Down' is an innovative series which showcases old and new friends of GoodLuck - everyone from comedians and cooks to life coaches, other well-known artists, and pioneers in their fields - as well as everyday South Africans making the most of their current situation.

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To further drive the message of hope and inspiration during the COVID-19 pandemic, the band has raised over R500,000 in donation support and food items for the public - feeding up to 5000 people per day!

"I had been to see a few feeding schemes and basically the devastation that I saw affected me and I wanted to make sure we use the luck down to give back. We ended up starting a fund-raiser... We ended up raising half-a-million Rand for two incredible charities that we are supporting at the moment," Jules tells Darren.

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With the nationwide lockdown, artists are without gigs and many have had to push the release of their music back. 

However, the trio managed to release a new song of their own. 

'Rum and Cola', which features hitmaker Kav Verhouzer, has garnered over 500,000 downloads in just three weeks. The song, according to Jules, is about uplifting the nation and coming together during the global pandemic.

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