JSbu tells all on Keri's Couch

JSbu tells all on Keri's Couch

He used to be the voice that woke you up early every morning, but now, JSbu is one half of East Coast Drive.

keri and jsbu

If you're an early bird, or a Friday party person, you'll know JSbu so well.

If you don't, be prepared to be impressed. 

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JSbu is one of our new East Coast Drive hosts and he is honestly one of my favourite people ever. This is the very first time JSbu has EVER been interviewed.

Sbu really opens up on Keri's couch, he talks about how he grew up, the loss of his child, and, of course, we spoke about the brand new show and what he really thinks of Stacey.

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Full interview here: 

Here is a trip down memory lane with JSbu. All photos were taken before the lockdown: 

Catch JSbu and Stacey Norman from 1 June on East Coast Drive from 4-7pm on East Coast Radio.

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