Jennifer Lopez says men under 33 are useless

Jennifer Lopez says men under 33 are useless

Jennifer Lopez has dished out some relationship advice - and it's not good news for men under 33!

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Take a listen to what the team and KZN thought of JLO's opinion or read the details under the podcast.

JLO recently agreed to help Brooke, a 29-year-old country singer, go through her possible Tinder suitors, in an episode of Tinder's "Swipe Sessions" series.

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For those of you who surprisingly don't know about 'Tinder', it is a popular dating app, notorious for allowing you to swipe through possible suitors.

In this video, JLO is seen swiping 'no' to most of the guys who are under the age of 33.

According to Dr. Jane Greer, a New York-based relationship expert, Lopez's advice is pretty spot on: "It can take men into their early 30s to establish their professional career and feel a sense of financial stability, which helps them feel more secure in life."

Greer told INSIDER. "As a result, this can give them the maturity that comes with accomplishment, experience, and success."

Do you think this is true? Are men under the age of 33 useless?

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