This isiZulu lesson just went down the drain!

This isiZulu lesson just went down the drain!

Learning a new language doesn't have to be a struggle. With uTisha, Sky Tshabalala, learning isiZulu is the most fun and educational experience ever!

Khuluma Nathi with Sky Tshabalala

Is there a better way to kick off your Tuesday than hanging out with Darren, Keri, and Sky while learning some very necessary isiZulu phrases?

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We can't think of somewhere else we would rather be...

So let's get into today's lesson and phrase, which if used correctly, could save a life.

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Seeing as lockdown restrictions are relaxing just the tiniest bit, we can now go to a few more public places than before.

uThisha Sky Tshabalala is here to teach you a very important phrase that you will probably be using quite a lot!

Ever been in desperate need of some relief and you had no idea where the bathroom is?

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Listen to the podcast below if you want to learn how to say, "Where is the bathroom?", in isiZulu:

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