Introducing Durban's most 'larney' Bunny Chow

Introducing Durban's most 'larney' Bunny Chow

There seems to be a new Bunny Chow trend that has taken Durban by storm. 

Bunny chow / iStock

Durban is known for being a melting pot of cultures, but more especially how it shows its diversity through food. 

If you're a visitor or new to KZN, you cannot leave without grabbing yourself a Bunny Chow!

We came across this new type of Bunny Chow on Facebook which we think looks rather 'larney', so much so that it makes us want to eat it with a knife and fork, and not our hands. 

Introducing the latest, most innovative Bunny Chow that we've come across thus far:

What are your thoughts on this new take on the Bunny Chow? Should it stay or go? Share your thoughts with us below.

Main image courtesy of iStock/Paul_Brighton

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