Inside the Maule-Kelly household: Girls, girls, girls...

Inside the Maule-Kelly household: Girls, girls, girls...

We are all aware of the significant change in Darren and Anna's life together - and there happens to be an addition to the girls in the house.


The newly-weds live with Mouse and Max, but have recently had Anna's daughter join them in the household after she just completed varsity.

We all know that when two girls get together and just click, the conversation can do rollercoaster rides. 

It could go from talking about dessert to school to boys or girls to Jeff Bezos. The same can be said about Mouse and her step-sister. They just go on tangents that nobody can fathom. 

Luckily, Darren tried to record something for us just so we know he's not exaggerating: 

It definitely switched up there. We are not complaining though, we love to see this cute sisterhood. 

What about you, what do you enjoy doing with your girlfriends? 


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