Immigrants climb over the US border wall as a dig at Donald Trump

Immigrants climb over the US border wall as a dig at Donald Trump

It seems like the people have had enough with Donald Trump and taking a dig at him doesn't spark any fear. If you have been following Trumps' journey as President of the USA, then you would know that he is a man passionate about border control. 

Wall jumpers

Recently, USA President Donald Trump finally broke ground on the border that will extend west from Santa Teresa, New Mexico and will replace shorter barriers, which authorities have said are not effective enough to deter illegal crossers or drug smuggling. 

Earlier this month, Trump took to Twitter to chat about the infamous border patrols that one could say he holds very close to his heart.

However, days after Trump gave a hardening talk about deploying thousands of National Guard troops, ordering them to secure the US frontier with Mexico, one young man managed to climb over the barrier without showing much strain. Three other men supported his plight. 

Take a look at this:

Deciding to take a dig at Trump, the determined migrant climbed over the metal barrier between Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and Sunland Park in New Mexico. 

The whole mission took less than two minutes and as soon as he was over, the Mexican ran into American territory to avoid being spotted by Border Protection and US Customs.

Disappearing into the desert, the border jumper sprinted towards a group of houses which were visible on the horizon.

According to Unilad, migrants will each be going their own way and no longer trying to reach the border in a group.

Well, let's just wait until the American President tweets out something... things could get very interesting. 

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