If music be the food of love

If music be the food of love

Darren caught up with the singer songwriter Josh Groban recently to find out why the song 'Panda Sex' was not on any of his albums. His answer is priceless. 

If music be the food of love

I was privileged to have had a little chat on the ‘phone with Josh Groban the other day and what a delightful, and talented, person he is. I am one of the few guys in my circle who confesses loudly and proudly to be a big fan. I love musical theatre and Broadway, which is the focus of Josh's new album 'Stages'.

If you follow Josh Groban on social media you quickly glean that he has a wicked sense of humour - so with this in mind I asked him why the song 'Panda Sex' was not on any of his albums. He assured me that they were working on the possibility! 

This particular song explains how Josh's music is the ultimate aphrodisiac...

We all know the success rate which the male of our species enjoys with the opposite sex after listening to his music together, but a question asked at one time by the State Zoo of Washington was; could this phenomenon transcend the species barrier?

You see, the Zoo had been battling to get two pandas to procreate (this animal is notorious for not breeding in captivity) and after trying everything from Viagra to mood lighting - the Zoo was desperate and eventually propositioned the man who is probably single handedly responsible for more heavy petting in the human world than Barry White and Luther Vandross combined – Mr Josh Groban.

Josh was up for the challenge and after composing a fitting ditty and serenading the reluctant mammal couple, Josh can now add to his already impressive CV - Panda fluffer! 

I do believe that that particular Mr & Mrs  Panda were successful and managed to do what pandas and other wild creatures have been doing successfully on their own for millennial - and made a baby Panda.

In case you missed the full interview with Josh Groban this morning, listen to it here:

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