"I used to play with this toy and now I work in..."

"I used to play with this toy and now I work in..."

A look at the toys that influenced us...

Ambulance toy
Ambulance toy / canva

The toys that we play with at a young age may have an effect on the path we choose later in life. Over the past few days, the East Coast Breakfast team have done a deep dive into childhood toys. 

Here are several East Coast Radio listeners who shared that they went into their field because of a specific toy:

  • "Played with toy emergency vehicles and now I work for pro secure "
  • "Played around with my dad's tools, ended up becoming an electrician, climbing pylons and fixing lines. Best experience."
  • "I made potions and lotions and use to cream my grandparents faces and feet for them. Today I’m a somatologist."
  • "Always played with computers and tried to repair them when I was a kid. Today I'm one that is following my passion. I am now a Network Engineer. Which also involves repairing."
  • " I used to play with the calculator and do sudoku and maths 24 for fun and now I'm in the finance sector"

One ECR listener shares a hilarious take on our Facebook page. Here it is: 

The toys we played with as kids were more than just fun and games... they were building blocks for our future selves! It's weird to think that you can learn invaluable skills from playing with Barbies or peak our interests with digging tools, but these simple objects help us make sense of the world. 

Take a listen to some of the childhood toys our province still have in their home today:

Reflecting on the toys we cherished during our childhood can provide a fascinating insight into the adults we've become.

If you know or have access to a child, this is your sign to be mindful of the toys you give them. You never know what they will become.

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