How to make Keri Miller's breakfast that can double as a dessert

How to make Keri Miller's breakfast that can double as a dessert

Keri Miller has the perfect recipe for what she calls a 'springfast' - a spring breakfast.

Keri Miller's breakfast/desert
Keri Miller

One of Keri's favourite breakfasts is based with a fruit that is found in so many parts of KZN that it shouldn't be a hassle finding it - the delicious paw-paw!

What you will need...

First find a delicious paw-paw... local is lekker and organic is best. 


Cacao (organic cocoa)

Yoghurt (plain coconut yoghurt if dairy-free)

Nut butter

Sunflower seeds

Nuts (she likes almonds)


Blueberries (fresh or frozen).


Slice the paw-paw down the middle in half and take out the seeds.  

Turn the paw-paw over and take a little slice off the bottom, just so it sits nicely on the plate. 

Use a spoon to scrape out some of the flesh of the paw-paw in order to loosen it to make it easier to eat. 

In a separate cup or bowl, mix the yoghurt with cacao to make a delicious chocolate yoghurt... it's like a mousse.

In your pan, dry fry the nuts for a couple of minutes on med-high heat, then do the same with the seeds (if you want to add them).

Spoon your yoghurt mix into the paw-paw, sprinkle cinnamon, add a spoon of your best nut-butter, sprinkle your nuts and seeds, add blueberries, and top it off by drizzling honey. 

Bon Appetit!

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IMAGE CREDIT:  Keri Miller

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