How Darren Maule transitioned from the comedy stage to radio studio

How Darren Maule transitioned from the comedy stage to radio studio

Meet that one person who got Darren into the driver's seat on East Coast Radio's breakfast show.

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When we rewind to the beginning of it all, before Darren Maule's face showed up on radio's map, it is imperative we highlight the face and the name of Naveen Singh, the Programming Manager of East Coast Radio at that time in 2011. 

When he was required to find a new breakfast show radio personality, he wanted to shock the South African industry with a move that had never been done before, but also with a fresh voice and personality. For him, that person was Darren Maule. He was enchanted by  Darren's storytelling abilities. 

This is one of those podcasts that so genuinely depicts the long road 10 years that molded the Darren Maule we now experience. He shares about the time he started at East Coast Radio and how much he had underestimated the labour required for radio. 

From 0 seconds you can tell that he and Naveen are not just mere former colleagues, but lifelong friends. They laugh, they rewind back to Darren's first time on-air and to the stories of Darren before his sobriety.

"I barely remember our meeting because I was on a come down," Darren shares as they both retrace the steps taken in hiring Darren Maule. 

This was what the management said to Naveen at the time: "You make this happen or you are out." 

Now take a listen to how he made it work in those first few years: 

This is the most telling and critical interviews in #DarrensDecade 10-Part Podcast Series. 

Tomorrow we have another person who tended to Darren's garden and helped develop this Darren Maule...

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