Home affairs is looking to hire individuals to protect SA's borders

Home affairs is looking to hire individuals to protect SA's borders

200 positions are open to South Africans. 

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Hey look, an employment opportunity! 

So, in July 2020 President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the country's Border Management Act. It aims to manage the legitimate movement of people and goods through ports of entry, while tightening the security of South Africa's porous borders.

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Now they will have to employ competent border guards to make this happen. 

The department of home affairs, custodian of the BMA until April 2023, is looking to hire at least 200 personnel to patrol South Africa's borderline and inspect ports of entry.

"We are looking for committed, passionate, talented, ethical, and highly patriotic individuals to form part of the new project of border law enforcement under the Border Management Authority," noted a human resources circular issued by the department of home affairs on Tuesday.

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If you are a South African citizen with a clear criminal record, you are likely to be considered for the job. 

Training in a public security environment, like the military, police force or community policing is a requirement for all the applicants. 

They mentioned that "strenuous physical activity" is part of the border guard's job, and shortlisted candidates will be put through their paces during a physical assessment.

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182 positions of the 200 listed in the circular are for regular border guards. Applicants are required to have a Grade 12 certificate and firearm competency. A valid driver's license is always a plus!

Home affairs is also looking for 13 senior border guards who will lead teams on borderline operations from centres at Beitbridge, Lebombo, Kosi Bay, and Ficksburg border posts.

For the senior guard position, an undergraduate qualification in a security-related field at NQF Level 6 is required. They'll also need a minimum of two years' experience of command and planning in the public security environment.

They are also looking for five chief border guards – also referred to as group or platoon commanders.

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Platoon commanders are required to have an undergraduate qualification in a security-related field at NQF Level 6 but need at least three years' experience in commanding, planning, and executing security operations.

Applications for these jobs need to be submitted to the department of home affairs before 1 March 2022.

Good luck applying - only a few days left!

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