Here's the list of South African public holidays in 2022

Here's the list of South African public holidays in 2022

Plan those leave dates now to score a few extra long weekends in 2022!


One of the many great reasons to live in South Africa is the amount of public holidays we have throughout the year. Let's not lie, who dioesn't love a good public holiday?

Okay, we know that we've just had the Summer holidays, but we like to plan ahead, especially in April.

April is the hotspot for public holidays in the SA calendar, so if you plan carefully, you can could have a really long break.

The key is to look out for those public holidays on Thursdays, Fridays, Mondays and Tuesdays. If you pop in a leave day (or two) in-between you could score a really great holiday break.

Here are South Africa's public holidays in 2022:


Monday 21 March (Human Rights Day)


Friday 15 April (Good Friday)

Monday 18 April (Family Day)

Wednesday 27 April (Freedom Day)


Monday 2 May (International Workers' Day)


Thursday 16 June (Youth Day)


Tuesday 9 August (National Women's Day)


Saturday 24 September (Heritage Day)


Friday 16 December (Day of Reconciliation)

Sunday 25 December (Christmas Day)

Monday 26 December (Boxing Day)

So, beat your colleagues to it and, if you plan it correctly, you could get some extra long weekends in 2022.

Also, there should be a law that prevents a public holiday from falling on a weekend, right?

Good luck!



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