Here's how to avoid blue ticking on Whatsapp

Here's how to avoid blue ticking on Whatsapp

Finally, there's a way of reading Whatsapp messages without the sender knowing their message has been read.

whatsapp blue-ticking

Sometimes having direct and quick communication with everyone can become annoying, especially when you want to read texts, but don't really want to reply.

Well, you don't have to stress about "blue-ticking" anymore, thanks to this new trick.

Here's how to read someones message without them even knowing:

Step 1. When you receive a message on your phone, don't open it. Leave it. Just for a minute. Leave it. Don't even look at the notifications on your home screen either.

Step 2. Switch your phone onto Airplane mode

Step 3. Now you can read the Whatsapp message.

Step 4. Exit the app.

Step 5. Take your phone off airplane mode.

This way it won't be seen as read...and they'll just have to wait until you feel like replying.

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