Hello: Meet Adele's sexy security

Hello: Meet Adele's sexy security

Meet the guy whose job is to keep Adele safe. He has become quite the star himself thanks to his dashing good looks!

adele sexy security
Oh Hello Adele's bodyguard!

Not only does Adele have a hot, new single out. She's got a bodyguard with looks to kill!

Meet Peter Van der Veen.

Ooh la la! This stylish hottie sent pulses racing across social media after he was photographed with the pop star.

The striking blue- eyes Dutchman is Adele's new bodyguard, and, it turns out that Van der Veen is a man of many talents.
He provided vocals for Gaga when the pop star needed a robotic-sounding voice on her track Government

He is also on the books of a personal protection agency - so he knows how to handle himself, and the former bodybuilder was crowned Mr Europe in 2005. 

Fans can't get enough of this man. Many people have professed their love for him on Twitter.

Check out Mr Van der Veen below. Gorgeous!

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