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WATCH: Heel-wearing woman goes viral for uncomfortable footwear

Would you also share your experiences of wearing heels like this woman has?

Woman in Mr Price heels goes viral, prompting comments on snazzy footwear.
Image: TikTok/ @simplegurrlldiaries

A lot of woman feel that wearing heels is the most painful thing ever, especially if you're not used to them. 

In recent news, a woman has gone viral for her unique and stylish choice of footwear. 

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The woman, who was shopping at a Mr Price store, was caught on camera wearing a pair of heels which also double as boots. 

The heels have quickly become a fashion statement and sparked a conversation about the importance of being unique and embracing fashion risks.

Here is the video below showcasing her discomfort:

@simplegurrlldiaries Replying to @LebzaBo the day i catch Mr Price neh ??? 😭😭😭😂😂😂. I need a 1 on 1 with their Shoe Department. These boots are PAINFUL 😭, i am a serial heels wearer but this ? I couldnt take it #mrpriceeverydayviral ♬ original sound - @Tee_Mbatha

The woman in question is @simplegurrlldiaries on TikTok.

She was stumbling as she attempted to move while wearing the heels.

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While she did her best to maintain balance, the video had many people laughing...

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Main image attribution: TikTok/ @simplegurrlldiaries

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