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Heart Stuff: The 'One Brick' initiative needs your help

A heartwarming story between a housekeeper and her employer who needs our help to build her a house after heavy rains destroyed her home.

HeartStuff - We ride with Aquelle
Tarryn and grew up with her  mother, while she ran a ministry to abandoned babies since she was 10. Unconditional love is embedded deep within her.

Currently, they run a transition home to abandoned babies called Sinakekele on a plot of land in Oakford, just past Verulam, across from a rural community.

Phumie is from this rural community and now works with at Sinakekele. Tarryn describes her as having a pure heart, a charismatic smile, and is a dedicated staff member.

“I arrived home one day and she was in tears. Her home made of only sand and sticks had fallen down for the 5th time, and could no longer be fixed", Tarryn tells the story.

All her income goes to supporting and paying for her two children who are in University so they are able to have a future in South Africa. “

Take a listen to her story here:

How can you help?
They still need the following items:
16 wall plates
16 buttons
24 pieces corrugated iron, (12 feet each)
4 Windows, -  NC2'S
A door
4 lanterns (400mm)
8 units of Brick force
2 units of Damp corse
If you can help – email [email protected]


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