This gymnast's balance-beam save is super impressive!
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This gymnast's balance-beam save is super impressive!

This 16-year-old almost fell during her balance-beam routine, but the way she saved herself has us convinced that she has superpowers!

Gymnast almost falls off beam
Image: YouTube / USA Gymnastics

Well, let's admit it... compared to gymnasts, we normal folk probably have the worst posture and balancing skills ever, and we would have never survived this epic moment. 

Competing for the first time at the national championships, 16-year-old gymnast Jordan Chiles almost fell during a balance-beam routine, and her super-human save will give you instant chills! 

Chiles was executing a wolf turn (not sure exactly what that is either), when she almost fell...

In case you missed it, take a look at the moment in slow-mo:

Super impressive! 

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