Glam-gran Top 5 : Vote and win!

Glam-gran Top 6 : Vote and win!

We've called in for KZN to nominate their grannies for a Glam-gran make-over. Vote and stand a chance to win BIG. Here is the final Top 6:

Glam gran top 6

We thought it was about time we celebrate our grannies of KZN with a Glam-gran make-over, just to make them feel super special and to remind them of how beautiful they are.

We asked you to nominate your granny, aunt, or sister between the age of 65-85 years-old to receive a make-over from Image Insured, and a short description as to why they deserved this day of pampering.

We have submitted all your entries to Image Insured and they have selected their Top 6, which is as follows...


Name: Dorothy

Age: 84

Nominated by: Caitlin Knox (grand daughter)

Why: "She lost her husband, Caitlin's grand-pa a year ago & she's been strong for the entire family. She is generous, giving back to the community through her Women's Institute work."

Caitlyn Knox


Name: Pearl Pearson

Age: 85

Nominated by: Futhi Pearson

Why: "She's a very loving and caring person that hasn't had it easy in life due to that she ALWAYS stressing about everything, even when there's no need. At the moment she's staying with me and my husband, her grandson.  It would really make her year. I know she's talk about it until the end of her life, it would really be one of her greatest things she has ever got."

Futhi Pearson gran


Name: Mrs Jaamwanthie Bagwandeen

Age: 74

Nominated by: Shickal Beemsen

Why:  "I feel that she deserves this makeover because she is the such a dedicated mum/grandmum. She is the one we all go to when we need support and advise. She always puts her family first and does not ever believe in spoiling herself :-( She is such a beautiful person inside and out. The smallest thing a person does for her means the world to her.

She has had a lot of ups and downs in her life and the worse tragedy was losing her husband (my grandad) years ago in a robbery at work. He was shot and killed instantly. This would cheer up very much."

granny glam


Name: Mrs Munsamy

Age: 71

Nominated by : Laura Lee

Why: "My mum’s a Cancer survivor, and the most kindest, loving person who would take everything she owns and give to the less fortunate – even though she doesn’t have much. Who would have thought the big “C” would attack our family after the struggle my mum went through in life.

Mum passes her time, feeding at our local clinic every Wednesday, going with the welfare group in our local church to help the less fortunate, she has a bleeding heart for our community and doesn’t like to be fussed over hence we feel she would be the perfect candidate for the Glam Gran Project."

Laura Lee's mom


Name: Sally Milward

Age: 71

Nominated by : Natasha Botha

Why: "She is the most awesome person in the world, as hard as she has worked her whole life, she has lived a humble one and even when she didn't have, she gave where she could and still tries to, but pension doesn't leave her with much. So it's time for her to receive and me to give to her."

Natasha Botha gran


Name: Virginia Hadebe

Age: 63

Nominated by: Wanda Gumbi

Why: "My father left my mom when I was two years and today I am 29 and and a mother myself. She has raised me to be the rock that she has been all these years. Everyone's mom is amazing obviously but mine is just amazing. She is retired and lives in Newcastle now and would love for her to get this makeover as I wasn't even able to deliver her mother's day present last Sunday."

Wanda Gumbi gran

Spa on Fairway is giving one lucky person who votes for a glam gran, a day of relaxation which includes:  

One hour full body massage, a facial, manicure and pedicure, a delicious lunch and the use of the relaxing pool.

Get voting now below or sms "glam-gran" & and the number of the gran you're voting for on 33116!

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