Flashmob Spinning class proposal

Flashmob Spinning class proposal

"It all happened so fast". Gay couple get engaged in the middle of a flash mob spinning class.

Gym proposal

Adam Keller and Jared Marinelli, two Connecticut trainers who got engaged during an absurdly cute spin class flash mob proposal.

The class started out just like any other, until the cyclers — including Keller — hopped off their bikes and removed their shirts, revealing matching “Team Jadam” shirts.

The unsuspecting Jared thought they were filming a promotional video for the gym, but little did he know.

Flashmob surprise

And they pulled all the stops and showed off their choreographed dance moves.

choreographed dance moves.

Then, Keller hops off his bike…

Hoped off his bike

Ok we'll let you just watch the video for yourself:

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