5 best moments from The Big Favour in 2021

5 best moments from The Big Favour in 2021

The Big Favour has shined an incredibly life-changing light on the lives of KZN listeners.

Wandile Didi The Big Favour

The Big Favour made a commendable difference in the KZN community this year, something that we are so delighted to be a part of. The province saw the toughest time during the KZN unrest, but fortunately we joined hands to make each other stronger and rebuild. 

Before the KZN unrest, most people and organisations were recovering from the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. It had negatively affected so many people, businesses, and NGOs in the province. 

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One of those people was an eight-year-old girl who had been returned back to a children's home after adoption. It was a sad situation that could not be easily explained to the confused child who would have a birthday soon. 

The post appealed to Keri Miller and The Big Favour and we shared the story on-air and online. 

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It was a beautiful moment when we were able to help the little girl tick off all the items on her birthday wishlist. Have a listen to how amazing her birthday turned out. 


We were then joined on the show by a beautiful elderly couple - Jimmy and Wendy - who had been unable to continue with their swimming training because of the COVID-19. 

The couple of 57 years previously competed provincially in Gauteng, Western Cape, and other provinces across the country and wished to continue honing their shared skill. But the closure of local municipal training centres due to the virus meant they could only practice in their 12m pool at home. 

As a result of their passion for swimming and the inspiration they ignite in fellow athletes, Janine found it fitting to investigate a way to aid them with their training hiccup.

Take a listen to how delighted they were as they received a surprise that would get them back in training. 


After Wilson’s employer and colleague, Monique Alston, found out that he was putting a halt to his running because of his damaged shoes, she shared the story on Facebook for some donations and fortunately, it appealed to Keri Miller.

She shared the story with the team and The Big Favour about how the landscaper was actually a Comrades runner of 17 years. His goal was to improve his 8 hours to 7 hours 30 minutes Silver medal-winning time. He shared that having tired shoes had been the only challenge holding him back. 

Sky's friend, Gavin Scott of Corogain's Sports, heard the story and was absolutely inspired. They supply all kinds of sports equipment to all kinds of institutions – schools and clubs. 

So, without an idea of what would happen next, Wilson was surprised with this gift and his training would resume. 

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Sadly, we experienced the KZN unrest which saw multiple local businesses closed down once again and some even burnt to the ground. 

People's livelihoods were affected as they could not provide for their families after COVID-19's already horrible strain. 

One of those businesses was MJ Exclusive Hair Salon which had consistent loadshedding prior to COVID-19, and then the multiple lockdowns affected them even more. Gavin Mthethwa had to close down the business but The Big Favour was able to help them. 

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He was surprised yet again by - ACDC Dynamics - as they tackled the root of the problem. He would never have to experience a challenge that would take away his job from him again. 

Take a look at this. 

Listen to his reaction to this second surprise. 


Ever heard of Operation Bobbi Bear? They are an organisation in KZN that collaborates and assists the criminal justice system to enforce the rights and safety of the child victims of sexual abuse. 

They have been operating for more than 21 years, led by Eureka Olivier. She shared how it has been an extremely hard year for the organisation and the rest of the team. It had been ever harder for the children they brought in from these unsafe spaces. 

They lacked funds for daily activities and amenities and called out to any organisation that was still able to help them with whatever possible. 

An unbelievable amount of money was donated by Worldwide Staffing and Workforce Staffing - take a listen. 

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We asked Eureka Olivier to return for another surprise for the children of Operation Bobbi Bear. They did not have to worry about their educational needs for much longer, all thanks to Lottostar.

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We are incredibly grateful for all the donors who see and hear these stories of people in need and do their best to help where they can.

Simply click here, if you need some help. 

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