Fermented pears got this squirrel a little too drunk

Fermented pears got this squirrel a little too drunk

The festive season arrived a bit too early for this little guy.

Drunk squirrel
Twitter/ CCO

The weirdness of 2020 continues and this time it's in the form of a funny clip of a squirrel that looks rather tipsy.

The video shows the animal on a table enjoying his meal, but something is a little off with his posture as the pears he has been enjoying have fermented, making him drunk.

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The little guy is seen trying to hold onto the bowl in front of him for balance a few times in the clip. 

Watch below:

A woman, who admits that she accidentally got the squirrel sloshed, says she noticed that he had stolen one of the pears she had left on her deck for her pig to eat. Upon the critter's return, she left more pears for him to enjoy and only realised after observing his dodgy movements that the pears had fermented in her fridge. 

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