Peter Drury relives 2010 Tshabalala moment

Peter Drury relives 2010 Tshabalala moment

Peter Drury. Football fanatics will know the name well. He is the English Premier League's legendary commentator and Sky Tshabalala had a chat with him.

peter drury

He commentates on the biggest games in football. Peter Drury is known as the 'football poet', with his fantastic bombshell lines during matches bringing every moment on the pitch to life.

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Drury, who has been in the commentating business for many years, has always had a fascination with words. He used his technique to his advantage and now his name is known throughout the world.

The football lover speaks to Sky about what the situation is like in the UK with the pandemic and how is he coping with the lack of football.

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Find out if Drury's work is scripted and what the best and worst matches he's ever commentated on are. He gets candid and reveals a light-hearted side to him in the podcast below:

See what Peter has to say about no football:

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